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“The fiery embrace of the Mogok rubies is, to me, like the spirit of a woman. Warm, passionate, resilient, inimitable and striking.” – Nirav Modi

Nirav Modi decided to reinvigorate classicism in a jewel crafted with 27 ravishing, untreated Mogok rubies from the legendary Mogok mines. The deeply sought-after rubies in this suite are of an exceptional size and are superbly matched – a feat requiring patience and expertise over two years of sourcing.

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The magnificent Mogok ruby from the legendary Mogok mine in Burma (Myanmar), with its radiant beauty, intense, captivating crimson hue and gleaming translucency is considered the finest in the world; it is desired, pursued and treasured by collectors across the globe. As its Sanskrit name, ratnaraj, suggests, the Mogok ruby takes its rightful place as the reigning king of gemstones.



NIRAV MODI Jasmine cut® diamonds create the lyrical, curved outline of each cluster, as they alternate with the petal-like Mughal® cut diamonds, creating a rhythmic ­flow of sheen and shine, light and luster. Through settings that seem to melt and disappear, the rubies radiate romance and the diamonds shine supreme. The beautiful suite features over 128 carats of diamonds and a staggering over 71 carats of rare Mogok rubies.



The exquisite suite features a statement necklace with an innovative twist: it can be worn in three different ways.
Style One: An elegant jewel that caresses the neckline.
Style Two: An additional cluster of diamonds with another rare Mogok ruby, joined to the necklace by a single old mine cushion cut diamond. Style Three: Finished with a flawless pear shaped diamond drop.

View the craftsmanship of this stunning high jewel in
NIRAV MODI’s 21st century atelier.

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