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The Inspiration

Inspired by an unfurling jasmine flower, this jewel from the Jasmine Collection carries a gentle, feminine aura with refined nuances that captures the tenderness of nature.


Jasmine cut®

A unique technique of faceting diamonds, this soft and sophisticated cut enhances the lustre of the diamonds and mirrors the essence of the Jasmine flower. NIRAV MODI craftsmen work closely on the original contours of the rough diamonds, refining the shape with a placement of facets that releases as much of the light locked inside the diamonds as possible.


Rhythmic Composition

A melange of diamond flowers of varying sizes are arranged with a natural sense of balance. Briolette diamonds, often found in antique jewellery from the Victorian and Art Deco eras, are placed at the heart of the jewel, unleashing an intense scintillation, and complementing the fiery sparkle of the Jasmine cut® diamonds.


Lyrical jewel

Each Jasmine cut® diamond is individually cut adding to its uniqueness; the faceting is tailored to each specific stone. This variation captures the vividness of the flower giving a subtle reminder of the alluring magic of nature.


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