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Sakura Wedding Band



The beautiful Sakura ring, inspired by the blushing cherry blossoms of Japan, can be worn with an accompanying wedding band, specially designed to perfectly complement the blooming jewel.
This delicate band has been creatively engineered to fit snugly against the stunning Sakura ring, visualised to combine poetically. The white gold band embellished with micro-set diamonds is tucked unobtrusively below the petals of the Sakura ring, so that it shimmers through the open-basket setting of the latter, and the river of diamonds on both bands flow in perfect harmony.
Echoing NIRAV MODI’s trademark of elegance, lightness and feminine beauty, the Sakura Collection has been visualized for the bride, as the perfect accompaniment on her wedding day. It serves as a meaningful marker of any special occasion, seamlessly becoming a part of the woman.

Price HK$18,000
Code: SAK03991


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