NIRAV MODI celebrates the launch of its third Hong Kong boutique 1881 Heritage

NIRAV MODI celebrated the launch of its first international flagship store in Hong Kong, at the city’s cultural and shopping landmark, 1881 Heritage.

The celebrations commenced with a spectacular ribbon cutting ceremony, officially inaugurating NIRAV MODI’s newest flagship store. The ceremony was officiated by the brand’s founder, Mr. Nirav Modi, the two honorary guests in attendance – world-renowned award winning actress Zhang Ziyi, wearing Spring Delight Necklace and Earrings, and Korean superstar, Rain, along with Mrs. Angelina Ypma – Global President of NIRAV MODI, and Ms. Resina Wong –Director of Cheung Kong Real Estate Limited.

At this occasion, Mr. Nirav Modi gifted an Embrace bangle to Zhang Ziyi and an Embrace bracelet for her daughter. These bangles have a unique stretch mechanism; gold links, paved with diamonds, are engineered to stretch open and spring close to create a sensual, curved bangle, the ultimate in comfort and casual opulence. As the name suggests, these bangles evoke the sensation of a heart-warming embrace. The interlocking pattern reflects the beautiful nature of a mother-daughter bond.

Korean icon, Rain, was gifted the Exquisite Grand Mughal Brooch. The creation of the Exquisite Grand Mughal Brooch was inspired by Rain. The meticulous craftsmanship in this jewel mirrors Rain’s dedication to his work and his commitment to constantly evolve. The brooch has a regal look and embodies the spirit of the rich Mughal Era, a spectacular period in Indian history. It pays homage to the masterful Mughal floral style and the breath-taking skills of Imperial artisans. This brooch features Mughal® cut diamonds, a unique, innovative diamond cut, conceived by Nirav Modi and immaculately crafted for his jewels.

NIRAV MODI’s High Jewelry Collection was also showcased at this occasion, marking the first time these jewels were exhibited in Hong Kong. The high jewels included the Water Lily Necklace and Earrings and the Cinderella Necklace These jewels created an incredible glow that radiated in NIRAV MODI’s flagship store in 1881 Heritage.

After the opening ceremony, VIP guests were invited to a private dinner hosted at Hullett House. The guests enjoyed a multi-course gastronomic journey, and were mesmerized by the profuse luminosity from a spectacular model jewelry show with NIRAV MODI’s select jewels. A spectacular performance by Rain during the event was a perfect addition to the evening.